Care for the Earth

Work with nature, not against it. Great start but that's not enough to save our future, we need to adopt regenerative practices

Care for the People

It's about making sure people are self-sufficient regarding their basic needs: Shelter, Water, Food, Sanitation, Education

Share the Surplus

Once the household is fed, if there is more share, barter with your neighbour. If there is still some left, sale it on the markets

Current project Educational Farm in Hong Kong

Research, design, coordination of volunteer works and implementation for the extension of an existing permaculture site onto a new piece of land to prove the viability of nature-friendly locally produced organic food on an Hong Kong farm and to educate Hong Kong general public about food resilience and working with nature.

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Previous project Model farm in Thailand for self-reliance

It is a design project for the headman of a village in Thailand affected by drought and the consequences of deforestastion with the goal of creating a homeastead to be a model of self-reliance and an educational centre to teach the villagers about regenerative agricultural techniques

The future: Self-reliance, Regeneration and education

The aim is helping poor and marginalised communities in South-east Asia to become self-reliant while being active in protecting and regenerating the environment and to have better access to educational, spiritual, sporting, and artistic facilities within the community

Building a house